About Us
The world of fashion has been predominantly dominated by fast-fashion, mass-produced disposables and high-end luxuries for more than three decades now. One of the critical environmental impacts fast-fashions and mass-produced disposables have created is making textile waste the No. 2 pollutant in the world after oil. In addition to increased pollutants, the industry has also resulted in many social and economic imbalances including underpaid apparel makers, child-labour while independent designers struggle daily to survive and professional ateliers become a dying occupation.
About Book
The fashion industry is ready for a new Sustainable Shift. The founders of AFAB are motivated to re-invent how the fashion industry traditionally works to a democratized socio-economic ecosystem giving rise to Independent fashion designers and the revival of tailor-made, custom-fit clothings. We employ innovative technologies in fashion e-commerce and develop sustainable business solutions to rebuild the Business of Fashion in fairness. AFAB's groundbreaking platform opens up limitless opportunities and enables creative collaborations. This progressive approach to fashion is the AFAB Circle of Life. Where Passion and Pride take place, then the real Artisans thrive.