We aim to disrupt how fashion industry conventionally works and level the playing field for Independent fashion designers with a sustainable fashion ecosystem starting with REKA
Global Designers &
Creativity Curated
on one App
the world’s 1st designer-direct digital marketplace where consumers can discover the most exciting talents, unique fashions from Independent fashion designers around the world.

The raw talents of independent designers on ONE dedicated platform for the world to discover them and their uniqueness. REKA is a curated fashion app for the global fashion lovers.

REKA technology is also curated to transform how fashion designers can embark to the global marketplace hassle-free.
Why an Independent Designer Dedicated platform?

For decades, independent fashion designers are highly challenged to embark to the global marketplace and fashion graduates mostly give up their dream ambition. And the simple reason - Lack of Resources in capital, business and technology know-how.

Fashion retail is facing major threats and setbacks since Covid-19 pandemic. In the age of digital economy and the new world order, fashion designers need to RETHINK, REINVENT and REGENERATE in order to ensure Sustainability of their business.

The fall of fashion retail can be an Opportunity for the Rise of Independent fashion designers.